Small Munsterlanders at Fall Brook Run


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Dear Kleine M�nsterl�nder Owner,

I am writing to you on behalf of a new breed club for the Kleine (�Small�)
M�nsterl�nder that has been established in North America. Since 2011, an effort has been ongoing to develop a close relationship with the parent breed club in Germany, Verband f�r Kleine M�nsterl�nder Vorstehhunde e.V. (KlM-D). The purpose is to secure, improve and diversify the breed stock of the Kleine M�nsterl�nder in North America. Unfortunately, previous attempts to establish this relationship failed, so in December 2013, articles of incorporation were filed to establish a new breed club, Kleine M�nsterl�nder-Group North America (KlM-GNA).

KlM-GNA�s mission is all about the dogs�preserving the versatility of the classic Kleine
M�nsterl�nder for generations of hunters to come. To accomplish this we intend to follow the same principles and standards that have enabled this wonderful breed to flourish in Germany for decades. Our goal is to provide the North American foot hunter with the best hunting partner and family companion possible. We believe that becoming a Chapter (Landesgruppe) of KlM-D and working closely with the parent club is the best way of achieving this goal.

Whether you are a breeder or simply enjoy owning and hunting your Kleine
M�nsterl�nder, we invite you to join us in building KlM-GNA!

Recently, Officers of KlM-GNA returned from the parent club's Annual Meeting in Fulda, Germany, where they conducted extensive discussions to coordinate the launch and development of KlM-GNA as the internationally recognized and premier Kleine
M�nsterl�nder Breed Club in North America. The discussions were pleasant, harmonious, productive, and there is genuine excitement in Germany about the launch of KlM-GNA.

Here are the key results of the meetings, which represent the founding principles of KlM-GNA:
  1. KlM-GNA will first enjoy a candidate status until the club becomes an official Landesgruppe at the Annual Meeting of KlM-D in March 2015.
  2. KlM-D and KlM-I (Kleine M�nsterl�nder � International) will provide comprehensive support as we work to formalize KlM-GNA�s status as a Landesgruppe.
  3. Only KlM-GNA has been granted permission to use the logo of the parent club, KlM-D.
  4. KlM-GNA will be the sole North American member of KlM International (KlM-I) and will pursue active collaboration with other KlM-I member countries.
  5. Club membership requirements for KlM-GNA will include these provisions.
    a. Members should be hunters.
    b. Members of KlM-GNA accept the club's bylaws and breeding regulations. KlM-D founding principles prohibit membership in other KlM/Small
    M�nsterl�nder Clubs in North America.
  6. We will breed and test to maintain the profile of the "classic" Kleine M�nsterl�nder, which is a versatile and proficient hunting dog in all three environments: the field, water, and forest.
  7. KlM-GNA has endorsed the core breeding concept of the parent club, �performance breeding.� This requires stud dogs and breeding bitches to satisfactorily present at a Breed Show, to meet club health standards and to pass the two German breed tests: the VJP (similar to the NAVHDA Natural Ability test) and the HZP (roughly equivalent to NAVHDA UPT). Both tests are organized by the JGHV (German Versatile Hunting Dog Association).
  8. In an effort to consolidate and build the Kleine M�nsterl�nder breed stock in North America, the parent club KlM-D has agreed to:
    a. Issue FCI Register Pedigrees to all currently approved KlM-GNA breed stock in North America upon submission of current pedigree, hip documents, test scores, and conformation evaluation report. All offspring of KlM-GNA breedings will also receive FCI Register Pedigrees. These pedigrees will allow participation in JGHV tests.
    b. Share German genetics (sperm, stud dogs and Kleine
    M�nsterl�nder exports from Germany) with KlM-GNA members.
    c. KlM-GNA member dog�s JGHV tests, breed show results, and health data will be centrally recorded in KlM-D�s breed registry and in the DogBase breeding program, a crucial means of improving breeders� ability to make sound pairing decisions.
  9. To help accommodate current breeding plans of KlM-GNA Breeders, KlM-GNA will allow breeding of approved dogs who have not yet achieved a Prize in the NAVHDA UPT or UT until April 1, 2015. The pairing, however, must be with a mate who has achieved two levels of tests and prized in both levels of NAVHDA or passed two levels of JGHV tests (or combination of NA or VJP and UPT/UT or HZP). After April 1, 2015 KlM-GNA requires that both dogs in a pairing must have achieved prizes in two levels of tests, either in the JGHV or NAVHDA system (NAVHDA tests require prizing in NA and UPT or UT.) All offspring produced from KlM-GNA approved matings must comply with KlM-D Breeding Regulations to be approved for breeding.
  10. Active KlM-GNA members may submit their existing dogs, not produced under KlM-GNA, for breeding approval consideration until January 1, 2019.
  11. JGHV Testing (for more details, see
    a. The JGHV has been successfully testing versatile hunting dogs for over 100 years. The tests can be successfully completed by all ordinary hunters, just as German hunters have been doing for decades.
    b. JGHV tests the full range of natural abilities, including work in the field, water and forest.
    c. All members and Kleine
    M�nsterl�nder handlers will be encouraged to participate in the JGHV tests to prepare their dogs to be good hunting companions and for the enjoyment of preparing for and participating in these tests.
    d. KlM-GNA is the only Kleine
    M�nsterl�nder breed club in North America recognized by the JGHV, KlM-D and KlM-I.
  12. The KlM-GNA Breed Warden will play a central role in planning an overall strategy for the Kleine M�nsterl�nder in the years ahead by consulting closely with experts in KlM-D.

Why become a member of KlM-GNA?

  • You will become a member of the only Chapter (Landesgruppe) of the German parent club, KlM-D, outside of Germany.
  • You will have access to Kleine M�nsterl�nder imports from German and International breeders.
  • You will be able to share the know-how, experience and advice of Kleine M�nsterl�nder experts here and abroad.
  • You will become part of KlM-International, a network of international Kleine M�nsterl�nder breed clubs.
  • You can receive an FCI Register pedigree for your dog as described above. This allows dogs to participate in JGHV tests.
  • You will become part of the JGHV community of North American versatile hunting breed affiliates.
  • You will be able to participate in JGHV tests and KlM-GNA Breed Shows.
  • You will have access to Germany�s DogBase breeding program.
  • You will receive newsletters, Club updates and invitations to JGHV training seminars and other activities.
  • You will receive support from fellow members in training, testing, breeding, and learn of hunting opportunities for your Kleine M�nsterl�nder.
  • You will gain access to the Members-Only area of the KlM-GNA website, including access to English translations of German articles and reports on training, testing, breeding and hunting the Kleine M�nsterl�nder.
  • You will be able to attend the KlM-GNA Annual Meeting and Seminars.
  • You will have an opportunity to attend KlM-D parent club activities in Germany.
  • You will be able to purchase KlM-GNA and KlM-D merchandise with the official logo.

In addition as a breeder you will:

  • Have access to German Kleine M�nsterl�nder genetics, including sperm, stud dogs and imports from German and International breeders.
  • Receive FCI Register Pedigrees for qualified North American dogs and their offspring.
  • Be able to utilize Germany�s DogBase breeding program.
  • Receive assistance in obtaining kennel and litter registration.
  • Advertise upcoming litters on the KlM-GNA website.
  • Receive breeding guidance from the KlM-GNA Breed Warden.

Breeders may request further information regarding costs of breeding by contacting the KlM-GNA Breed Warden, Bobbe Carney:

We invite you to join KlM-GNA for the betterment of the breed we love! Please fill out the enclosed membership application and send it to:

Adam Roth, Treasurer KlM-GNA
1613 Cedar Lane
Waukesha, WI 53188

If you have questions, please contact one of the following interim board members:

  • John Liscovitz, President: 815-322-6993
  • Jim Julson, Vice President: 605-530-0074
  • Bobbe Carney, Breed Warden: 319-883-8528
  • Ken Bremer, Secretary & International Rep: 312-375-2796
  • Adam Roth, Treasurer: 414-840-4308

With best regards,
John D Liscovitz

John D Liscovitz
Interim President

Kleine M�nsterl�nder � Group North America
�Alles f�r den Kleinen M�nsterl�nder�geboren um zu jagen!�
(�All for the Kleine
�born to hunt!�)


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