Small Munsterlanders at Fall Brook Run


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"The photo"


Recently the name of our breed has been expanded from Small Munsterlander to include Kleine (german for 'small') Münsterländer, this occurred due to the acceptance in Germany by the KlM-D, known as 'der Verband für Kleine Münsterländer' for us to be a 'landsgruppe' of their breed club, this enabled Kleine Münsterländers to be accepted to: hunt test within JGHV performance testing sytem to include breed tests and performance tests such as the VJP,HZP,VGP; to have access to a dog data base (Dogbase) that provides a clear genetic imprint of breeding values so that well informed choices can be made to breed with; and lastly to access the importation of dogs from generations of proven lines from both a performance and genetic standpoint.

Finally we can say this resulted to an improvement for the breed, new pedigrees, close genetic monitoring, and a performance testing system oriented to breeding great dogs that are valued in the Dogbase, availible with genetic, breeding, and performance values.

On December 4, 2013 a new club was formed as a landsgruppe of the KlM-D it is called Kleine Münsterländer - Group of North America, known as KlM-GNA, of which 'vom Fall Brook Run' is proud to be a founding member.

Fall Brook Run welcomes all those whether the difference between 'small' and 'kleine' matters, rest assured it does to us and the KlM-GNA. We refer to our dogs as 'Kleine Münsterländers', in doing so we hope to demonstrate why.


What we breed for in a pup from FALL BROOK RUN?
I believe that a versatile hunting dog is as intelligent as it is versatile, meaning to me that the more versatile a dog the more intelligent, similar to the way we learn different languages and share common principles to learn those languages. We are in effect doing much the same by pursuing a more versatile hunting dog with a deeper understanding of the 'language' of training for multiple events and more complex tasks that take place in the very diverse world of field, water and forest. The point I would like to make is this 'intelligence' is the material from which a confident and biddable dog excels to learn its trade, and most notably this takes place best in a reliably, secure - consistent environment. We work to attain this environment in our pursuit of a high level of versatility' in field , water and forest.
There are tests,~~~~~~~ and 'there are tests'. We test in NAVHDA as well as JGV-USA and call it , 'performance testing', as it demonstrates higher performance in some areas but in other areas it shows that basic breedable qualities important to our breed are intact in our breedings. Whether it be a 'breed test' such as the JGV-USA's, HZP , VJP or NAVHDA's, UT, and Invitational all have something to offer, we show no preference toward either testing organization, all tests only reflect on the dog's level of 'versatility' .
This 'performance testing' brings us to the crossroads of our training by showing through these test results that our breedings have proven blood lines for hunting and temperament. We do not require pup owners to test their dogs , we test ours to help you make the decision to own a Fall Brook Run pup from afar as not everyone can witness what we have to offer, but feel free to come by to see us at work, I look forward to hearing from you.

     The other part of what we breed for is our goal to breed the strong to the strong and get a skeletal-muscular structure that will withstand the test of time, much like a strong table that is stacked such that there is a plumb line on each leg that rings true to the support of the top but in this case of a versatile hunting dog all moving in unison so the movement will be fluid in cantor, gallop and trot.

     Our dogs are approved to breed by the KlM-GNA , requirements to breed are open to your review on the Breeding section of the website

Why we are 'vom FALL BROOK RUN'

I feel that for what I have to offer the breed, the Kleine
Münsterländer-Group of North America, KlM-GNA will give me the best opportunity to fulfill all of which I aspired to and have stated above. All breed clubs justify themselves by their membership so I ask here, if you are interested, to review what the KlM-GNA has to offer: 'click here to learn more of the KlM-GNA' 

Click here  for Contract
Click here for KlM pup buyer questionnaire

Thank you for bearing with me on our journey through my appreciation of the importance of 'versatility' here now are a few videos to help accent this in a way that words fall short, enjoy them.
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Our pups thus far have all seemed to replicate the fine points that their parents exhibited as far as 'cooperative temperament'.

Once well socialized they proved to be resilient, focused, and have shown a very 'high drive' in the field and water, yet they are able to turn it off when they go home to be the member of the household expected of them.



Leica's VGP training for "fox in the box"


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