Small Munsterlanders at Fall Brook Run


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Small Munsterlanders

Recently the name of the breed has been expanded from Small Munsterlander to include Kleine (german for 'small') Münsterländer, this occured due to the acceptance by the KlM-D, the German club, know as 'der Verband für Kleine Münsterländer', of the new club in the USA called Kleine Münsterländer - Group of North America, or KlM-GNA of which 'vom Fall Brook Run' and these pups are a member. We welcome all those here to our website whether the difference between 'small munsterlander' and 'Kleine Münsterländer'' matters to you as much as us, we are very pleased to have you enjoy what we have to offer as we feel it is good for the breed to be both 'small and kleine' at the same time, so to speak. The best to all.

C~LITTER 'Whelped May 22'
Male Female
 'These two, already started C~Litter pups are excellently conformed and represent some of the best breedings Fall Brook Run has to offer. They happen to be available to qualified owners.'

C-Litter Breeding ~ Dux X Leica

Leica Vom Forstweg Fall Brook Run's Dux
'Click here to view Leica's breeding'

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We invite all prospective pup buyers to fill out a KlM Pup Buyer Questionnaire so that I can accommodate your needs whatever they might be. If there is something that does not fit in, please ask me about that and we will see what we can do. I can be reached on my cell 917 583 8420.

                                       Thank You, Sincerely Mark Bulvanoski




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