Small Munsterlanders at Fall Brook Run


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Kleine (Small) Munsterlanders


 Seminar June 9th
"Klein Munsterlander, born to hunt, bred to love"
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     We have had four seminars thus far, rest assured they were all different as the menu (lunch) and our dogs whether pups or mature dogs always present a varying format to Meet the Breed with . Our next seminar will be June 9th at 9am in Livingston Manor. Please reserve a spot from our contacts page and leave your phone number. Grasidigens Lycka a young upstart training for the HZP test will be there. Vom Fall Brook Run's VC Dux, our versatile champion will show his best work. We also anticipate two pups from vom Gusseisen E Litter to be there. So the format will be varied and very interesting. There will be a modest charge for lunch, to be served at 1pm. Please plan to stay for that. Please note: KLM members are welcome, please bring your dogs. First time attendees are also welcome. We do not allow repeat attendees who are not members of the KLM. We do not restrict attendance to KLM members , members of other breed clubs are welcome to join us.  

     Thank You,
     Mark Bulvanoski

Click here to view Kleine Munsterlander-Born to Hunt.  This informative brochure is worth reading. "

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    2015 Invitational, double mark retrieve      




Leica vom Forstweg SMCNA reg.#09-0061 KlM   Fall Brook Run's Dux -  14GNA-0019   Illebolle's Ea ~KIM reg#DK 16236/2009  
Height~ 19 1/2 in   Height 22 1/8 inch,(56cm)   Height~ 21 1/4 in (54cm)  
Weight~ 44 lbs   Weight 54 lbs   Weight~ 54 lbs  
Whelp date 1/11/09   Whelp date March 11 2012   Whelp date 8/3/09  
OFA ~ Good (OFA # SMU-114G26F-VPI) )   hips: HD-A   OFA ~ Good (OFA #SMU-119G24-VPI)  
NAVHDA   NA Test Pr,1, score 112   NAVHDA : NA Test score 112 Prize 1     NAVHDA NA Test Pr,1, score 112  
UT Prize 1, maximum score 204   UT Test score 204 Prize 1
Invitational 2015 Pass score 200
Versatile Champion(VC) of North America
  UT Test Pr.2, score183  
JGHV         VJP Test -Pass, score 61   Breed Show:SG/V (Conformation-Very Good, Coat-Excellent)   JGHV VJP Test -Pass, score 69  
 HZP  pass score 190       Breed Show: SG/SG (Conformation-Very Good, Coat-Very Good)  
 VGP Test Pr.1, score 301          
Breed Show: SG/SG (Conformation-Very Good, Coat-Very Good)          


Approved by the Kleine Munsterlaender Group of North America

Next Breeding Planned for Early 2019 Click here for KlM pup buyer questionnaire

We invite all prospective pup buyers to fill out a KlM Pup Buyer Questionnaire so that I can accommodate your needs whatever they might be. If there is something that does not fit in, please ask me about that and we will see what we can do. I am best reached through

                                       Thank You, Sincerely Mark Bulvanoski


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